Stealthgenie Review – Most Powerful Cell Phone Spy Software


Are you looking for a Real StealthGenie review from someone who actually uses this cell phone spy software? Might sound obvious that the reviews should be from someone who has tried the product but if you look around it is quite obvious that most of the reviews are simply made up. Add to that all of the “top review” sites, with lists of people saying how great Stealthgenie is and not much more – it is difficult to get an honest opinion.

This is part of my cell phone spy software reviews series of articles – trying to give you helpful information about the best products, and spend wisely in the process. Save this page somewhere as I come back and update the information regularly.

I don’t do simple standard reviews – you know Stealthgenie does X Y and Z – it’s the best – just buy it here! Would that help you make a decision?

Hopefully I can give you a little more insight and information which may be of use. Use the reviews along with the detailed information on this site and you should be a step closer to buying the best spy software for your needs – and avoid getting ripped off!

Before I get into the details, if you have no idea what Stealth genie is or what it can do, you should visit their website and have a look around – it will make this article much easier to follow. Just remember to come back!

StealthGenie and Me

I first started using Stealth Genie software about two years ago in my capacity as a worried mom with a wayward teenage daughter! I tried several programs at that time and got ripped off with a few useless ones. Stealthgenie wasn’t perfect but it did what I needed and sparked my interest in monitoring software – which ultimately led to me starting this site. Stealth Genie software has certainly improved over the last couple of years.

The daughter problems are thankfully behind me and now I have the software installed on my own personal phone. Why? – for testing. I recommend this product and I believe I should be using it to continue to give valid advice. By having it on my own phone I know how things are working and can offer real advice. (I also run Mobile Spy on another phone for the same reasons).

What’s So Good About StealthGenie?

Oh it’s just awesome, it’s the ultimate – the best cell phone spy software, it’s perfect and never lets me down – only joking, not really!

You are worried it will not work or perhaps you have been burned with some other useless spy software. You need to know if Stealthgenie really works, is reliable and will your money be well spent? You also need to know – can it report on the things you need to know and on the phone you want to monitor?

Reliability – the Company

I learned early on just how important the company behind the software can be. With all these programs you are making an investment in the product. You are usually paying for a term contract – will the company be around in three months and will they update to keep up with technology changes.

For me this is where Stealthgenie really stands out. They are the market leaders for good reasons. Over the last two years they have consistently been the first to offer support for new phones and operating systems. This is important to cover as many of the new cell phones as possible.

They also have more available features than any of the others and consistently they are first with the release. The fact is that the rest of the market is following their lead and trying to play catch up. I know I’d rather be signed up to a contract which will continue to work and move forward.

You would think that being the market leaders and boasting so many users they would also be the most expensive – you would be wrong. They are not the cheapest option, but they are a long way from the most expensive. Add to that the amount of advanced features available and Stealthgenie is good value for money.

I try to keep up to date with this part as new releases become available. One of the major developments is that StealthGenie now supports monitoring the iPad and Android Tablets – great progress and I will cover it as soon as I do some testing.

Below is the current list of supported phone operating systems available from Stealth Genie. Remember, they have a picture chart on their website of the individual phone models but the most important thing is to make sure your device OS is supported.

• Android Phones – all versions up to 4.1

• Apple iPhone – includes the iPhone 5, all versions up to 6.0

• BlackBerry – all versions up to 7.0

When a new operating system is released the software companies race to see who can support it first – Stealth Genie are usually first.


Main Monitoring Features

Most of the top spy software products cover the same basic monitoring features. Things you would expect such as: Monitoring texts, call logs, GPS tracking, email monitoring, web browsing history and files stored on the target phone.

These are seen as the minimum standard of reporting – and to be honest, they are more than enough for most people.

Stealthgenie have a few extra features which sets them apart from the competition:

Call Recording Feature

This one is one of the biggest draws to people when making a decision to buy Stealthgenie. If you need this feature, quite simply Stealth Genie is your only option. Just be aware that for it to work well you need to have a good call connection between both phones. I have tried and tested this feature – you can even download the recordings and keep them on your PC.

Monitoring Whats App and Others

You can now monitor various chat and messenger services on the iPhone and a Rooted Android. BlackBerry messages can be monitored on their platform.

Monitoring Gmail

Most spy software will only monitor the primary email account on the cell phone. With Stealthgenie you can monitor the primary account and any other Gmail based accounts.

Trigger Words

This feature allows you to define certain trigger words or phone numbers. If any communication – text or email contains any of these words, you will get an alert. The alerts can be viewed online in the control panel or sent via text to your own mobile. This is very clever and works great when monitoring your kids – saving time searching through all of the idle chit chat.

Security Features

With some packages from Stealth Genie you can use what I would call security features:

• You can lock and unlock the target phone remotely – great if it is lost or stolen.

• Backup or delete sensitive data remotely – you can actually wipe all stored information on the cell phone. Great for personal and business phones.

These features may make it worthwhile to install the software on your own phone if you are particularly worried about your own phone privacy and security.

Extra Control

Some control features which are not always available from other products and you wouldn’t immediately see them as particularly valuable.

• You can control the StealthGenie software remotely to start and pause the program.

• You can remotely remove the software.

• You can control which data to monitor and the frequency of reports.

These are powerful features which become important when you are actually using the software.

These are just some of the features which stand out as a little bit different. You don’t need to buy the top rated packages with all the features unless you feel you really need them. I have found that most people only really need good basic monitoring reports. The emphasis is on good – software which works and is reliable.

Buying Stealth Genie Tips

There are so many features and different supported phones – there are different packages for each phone platform. Although they have it all laid out pretty well you need to check a few things before you buy.

Visit us StealthGenie


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